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ODESZA has released, “Hopeful,” a dreamy, climactic song that showcases what they do best – move people through music.

The pair revealed that the track was created at the same time as their most-recent album, The Last Goodbye. Despite not being included on the record, the single fits into the overall theme and vibe.  

“Hopeful” is an overall chill, yet atmospheric track with ODESZA’s signature vocal harmonies and radiant beats layered over each other. It fades out beautifully with strings, adding another stunning track to the duo’s tracklist. 

The single was released in a compilation with three of their other tracks, “The Last Goodbye,” “Wide Awake,” and “Love Letter.” Listening to the songs as they are placed narrates an interesting tale of the end of a relationship. “Hopeful” and “The Last Goodbye” show the realization and acknowledgement of an ending.

“Wide Awake” continues the realization. “Love Letter” marks an instrumental and lyrical turning point declaring that there was never any love in the first place. The last is the most upbeat and jazzy.

Read more about The Last Goodbye and other 2022 releases here.

Listen to “Hopeful” on all streaming platforms. ODESZA will be playing at Okeechobee, Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, and other festivals this summer. Get tickets to their upcoming shows here







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