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After taking the bass scene by storm as an up-and-coming producer over the last few years, the day has finally come for LAYZ to release her debut EP, Eye of the Storm.

Following sets at EDC Orlando, Hard Summer, and Lost Lands, the high-energy producer has put out a number of singles and collaborations. LAYZ released four singles in 2022 that gained 1.1 million streams combined. 

Eye of the Storm opens with an ominous-sounding “INCOMING” made with RZRKT. With single-note build-ups and a dirty first drop, “INCOMING” is the beginning of an angry and intriguing three-track EP. 

“SURGE” builds the intensity with doubles before entering the actual eye of the storm, complete with raw audio of rain. 

The final track, “TEMPEST” is perhaps the heaviest of the three songs. It completes Eye of the Storm with a spooky sound building off of the first two tracks. The filthy dubstep is filled with hard-hitting bass and finishes out the EP. 

Eye of the Storm is a stellar debut EP that highlights LAYZ’s creative abilities and talent. All three tracks come together to put the listener into the storm of bass that LAYZ created. 

How are you feeling about releasing Eye of the Storm? 

LAYZ: I can’t stop smiling! Words can’t describe how I’m feeling right now! This EP has been in the works for almost a year now and it feels so surreal that “Eye of the Storm EP” is finally out! I had so much fun doing the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff for the EP especially. 

For the first single, “INCOMING,” I was recording content in the rain, which was actually a lot of fun (and stressful)! I remember I would text my group chat and say “GUYS! ITS RAINING! MEET AT THE FIELD NOW!” and we would all rush to this field to start recording the content. There were times where as soon as we got to the field, it stopped raining…haha! So recording the content took multiple days!

How would you describe it? 

LAYZ: I would describe Eye of the Storm as creative and energizing! I aimed for this EP to show my fans the next level of LAYZ. 

Was there anything in particular that inspired the tracks? 

LAYZ: The beauty of Mother Nature. It was definitely the main source of inspiration for these tracks! I usually start creating the introduction first so I know what “theme” to go for. After recording thunderstorm FX’s, I definitely knew where to go next – from the intro to the build to the drop. Also, I’m a huge fan of creating long, cinematic introductions. So, I aimed for all 3 tracks to be cohesive. I love when you feel like a song is telling a story and that’s what I wanted for these songs to do; to bring you on an adventure through the storm!

The idea of recording storms for raw audio is a super dope concept. How did that play into the creative process? 

LAYZ: One day it was thunderstorming really hard in Maryland. I was actually in my studio working on one of the tracks for the EP and I looked outside my window and thought to myself, “What if I recorded this?!”

I ran outside and sat on my front porch for about 15 minutes and recorded the thunderstorm. I’m all about being unique and trying new things and I thought this would be perfect! Yeah, I can download splice samples of nature sound FX, but if I can record it myself, it would be very unique and nobody else would have that certain sound. I really enjoyed this process and plan on doing this to my future songs!

LAYZ: Thank you for listening to the Eye of the Storm EP! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did putting it all together! I can’t wait to see you all on the road for the “Eye of the Storm Tour”! Tickets are on sale now! Which city will I see you at?!

Stream Eye of the Storm on any music platform. Get tickets to the “Eye of the Storm Tour” here

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