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With a quick rise to stardom in dance music, skilled producer John Summit has fans hanging on the edge of each track release waiting for the next and traveling the country to catch his electric sets. His euphoric, upbeat performances pack the stage at any festival he plays at and expand his following with each new track or show. 

Notorious for inviting a large number of fans on stage during sets, John Summit has a close-knit relationship with his fans which makes their support for him and his music exceptionally stronger. Not to mention his stage energy is out of this world, and he manages to have the whole crowd jumping the entire time.

He’s announced his track that he’s treated fans to teasers of during sets is finally being released, after fans begging for that much-needed serotonin boost this feel-good melody is sure to bring. With angelic vocals from Hayla mixed with John Summit’s talents as a producer, this track takes dreamy dance music to a whole new level.

He stated on Twitter that there is no definitive release date, as he’s still tweaking and perfecting the track, undoubtedly with his producer magic that’s sure to send this track straight to the top of dance music charts.

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