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Breaking through the limits of typical, modern dance music, Ironheart has just released his EP “The Lost Crusade” on Ophelia Records which is nothing short of a three-track, cinematic journey through time. Each track is its own stop through time, telling three different stories through an eclectic incorporation of trance, classical, folk, and metal. 

Ironheart has been making waves with his unique, authentic sound which embodies a medieval essence throughout each track. Cultivating an EP filled with different, unique sounds that seemingly effortlessly glide together; Ironheart proves his versatility as a producer and creativity as an artist. 

Many big industry names have released music on Ophelia Records, all with the same unique and creative essences that Ironheart represents. Ophelia has quickly become one of the most well-known labels as a result of its versatility between genres, connecting all dance music fans alike.

With “The Lost Crusade”, Ironheart is restoring the eclectic grit that results in his music being so powerful and authentic, leaving fans wanting more each and every time. There’s no doubt that each track on the EP is hitting all of the fans’ playlists as soon as they’re heard.

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