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Ilan Bluestone has made himself a name in dance music with eccentric progressive house or trance track after another, each more and more ethereal and eccentric than the last. While his tracks all fall within the lines of soothing and euphoric, the clear intricacy of each track really brings light to how many small details go into producing such a well rounded progressive house/trance track.

It’s no doubt that with such melodic basslines and catchy beats, Ilan Bluestone has been able to catch the ears of fans of many other popular subgenres. This ability to appeal to music fans of all kinds is an ability only accompanied by a talented producer with a variety of tricks up their sleeve.

Music fans are incredibly excited for Ilan Bluestone to bring his fresh and serene sound to a city near them with his recently announced tour. Fans of other sub genres will be flocking to experience his authentic and hypnotic style that put him on the map, as well as fans of house/trance who’ve been itching to catch an Ilan Bluestone set for a while now.

The London producer announced a variety of dates in the US and Canada, with more to be announced soon. Since he’s known for an energetic yet hypnotic style, each of his tracks as well as his sets are the perfect cultivation of energetic progressive house music and hypnotic trance music. By embracing this style, he does an incredible job of keeping crowds dancing and euphoric energy throughout.

Tickets are on sale here.

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