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Flume has released his latest album, Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan, taking listeners through the last decade of the iconic producer’s music. All ten songs include the year that it was created in the title, allowing the listener to catch his musical variety over the years.

Flume released one single from his old laptop in November of 2022. “Slugger 1.4 [2014 Export.WAV]” quickly amassed millions of streams, preparing fans for this full album of unreleased music. Read more about his TikToks explaining his older music here

Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan begins with “Counting Sheep (V2) [2018 Export Wav].” The track uses wubby beats and Injury Reserve’s low tones to segway into “Nice 2 Know u 1.5.3 [2020 Export Wav].” The latter is upbeat than the record opener and compliments Flume’s other single from 2020, “The Difference.”

“Why 1.3 [2012 Export Wav]” takes us to ten years ago with enchanting harmonies and Flume’s signature synths. “Rhinestone 1.7.2 [2018 Export Wav]” follows that up with Isabella Manfredi’s dreamy vocals and powerful drums in the background. 

“Dream 1.2.2 [2016 Export Wav]” marks the halfway point of the record. With trippy vocal chops and alluring instrumentals, it is named appropriately. 

beat 58 1.1 [2020 Export Wav],” is plucky and blends beautiful harp. It fades into the beginning “Close 1.2 [2016 Export Wav],” with ominous, low frequencies. The track makes your chest feel tight with anticipation before moving into an emotional chorus. 

“One Step Closer 1.4 [2021 Export WAV]” has piano and drums that compliment Panda Bear’s breathy vocals.

The second to last song, “SPOKE 2 ALIENS FINALLY 1.3 [2020 Export Wav],” plays with intense vocal chops that mimic a conversation between the listener and beings from another planet. It is odd – in the most positive way possible. 

Rounding out Flume’s fifth album is “Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan 1.2 [2020 Export Wav].” The funky track is expressive with hollow drums and does not lose its momentum throughout its four-and-a-half minute run. 

Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan accentuates the complexity of Flume’s music. Even though it is a compilation of his creations from 2012-2020, Flume’s sound can be found in each track as he evolves. 

Listen to Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan on all streaming platforms. 

The release of the album also came with the announcement of a show at Kia Forum with Chet Faker, KUČKA, and other artists. Sign up for pre-sale here

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