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Black Tiger Sex Machine has easily made a name for themselves as electro bass kings of the dubstep world. While their unique, gritty sound and niche have harnessed lots of attention and support from fans in the dance music industry, there’s no doubt that their cinematic, one-of-a-kind shows further set them apart from other dance music artists.

Utilizing visuals from popular concepts or anime shows that fans know and love on top of their classic sound, fans argue that Black Tiger Sex Machine shows are like no other, and truly a cinematic and submersive experience they haven’t found anywhere else.

Originally, the Black Tiger Sex Machine group had been known to be a legendary trio. Due to some personal life events, one of the members had to step back from touring since while the magic of touring is significant, so is the strain. Knowing the fans wanted to see the childhood best friends together on stage again, they decided to do just that at arguably one of the most iconic venues around.

Fans of the music group have been in a frenzy since it was announced they would return as a trio one last time to grace Red Rocks Amphitheater with their Sunday ceremony of “Portals” this last Sunday, October 22nd. Their last iconic trio performance was at Red Rocks in 2021, so it was only fitting they would return as a trio one last time to Red Rocks in 2023.

Their Sunday ceremony was nothing short of an explosive, cinematic audiovisual experience that will live on in the minds and hearts of fans for ages to come. They couldn’t have had a better reunion, and the fans plan to be rising the high of one of their favorite shows to date for a long time. Accompanied by epic industry talents like Ruvlo and Kai Wachi, the night couldn’t be more unforgettable.

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