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Last year, Au5 and Chime went on ‘The Other Side’ tour together across the U.S. This past Friday, the collab, which shared the same name as that tour, finally was released. Wow, was it worth the wait.

Tour dates from ‘The Other Side’ tour in 2022. (@au5_official on IG)

These 2 artists are a couple of the most underrated in their genre you could ever find. Au5 has been producing melodic dubstep heaters for over a decade now, and somehow always flying under the radar while doing so. Chime, in recent years, has also been putting serious work in, primarily via starting his own label Rushdown Records in 2016. He has found his calling coining the term ‘color bass’ and giving many artists a platform who produce that fun, vibrant style of melodic music. Together, these guys produced a masterpiece that seamlessly blends both of their styles.

The track itself takes us on a journey through multiple tempos and genres. It also maintains the foundation of hard-hitting melodic dubstep that has been the template of success for Au5 for years. Once again, you find yourself asking how someone could possibly produce something that beautifully complex. Hopefully, this is the first of more to come from these 2 artists working together.


Twitter: @Au5music / @ChimeTunes

Instagram: @au5_official / @chimetunes

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